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Jewelry sets

18K Gold Plated Necklace & Ring Set with Korean Style Wallet (JW01)
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21.000 KWD 11.500 KWD
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Jewelry sets


Jewelry has been flaunted through the ages as a symbol of affluence by royalty and common folks alike. It has been proven that humanity’s love for jewelry dates back to ancient times, when the prehistoric man crafted ornaments using feathers, shells, bones, and stones. As time progressed, jewelry underwent significant changes with the discovery of fine metals and precious stones. The demand for fine jewelry has continued unabated and will continue to do so as ornaments amplify a person’s beauty.

Today, fashion jewelry sets, which often include a pair of earrings and necklaces, are cherished by women all over the world. These individual pieces often sport matching designs so that they can be paired up together. Modern jewelry sets are crafted using valuable metals like gold, silver, copper, though alloys like sterling silver, brass, etc. can also be used. These sets also feature precious, semi precious, or simulated stones like diamonds, crystals, pearls, amethysts, jades and other gems.

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