Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world: a quote by Pliny the Elder. Diamonds and gemstones have been valued throughout the ages for their beauty. Humanity’ s love of precious stones can be traced back to the antiquity, when natural diamonds, gathered from India’s streams and rivers were traded with the world. These diamonds became the most sought after accessories of the elites and commoners around the world. Today, such gems are still in high demand, with numerous jewelers around the world offering a range of stones for you to choose from. Finding the perfect genuine diamond or gemstone can be quite tricky as such stones can be crafted artificially too. Souq solves this quandary for you by bringing an exhaustive collection of natural topaz gems, cabochons, ambers, tourmalines, corals, tanzanites, malachites, and more by reputed brands like Milai, Toamna, and more. Many of these stones have been certified as 100percent authentic by organizations like IGI. These gems double up as collectibles, an investment, or can be fitted in jewelry that adorns your body. We even stock up on gemstone embedded prayer beads, masbahas, tasbeehs and rosaries for the devout.

Those who are looking for more affordable stones can find an all encompassing collection of rhinestone ropes, necklaces, bracelets and other jewels made using artificially simulated stone. Shop for gemstones and diamonds from the comfort of your home by visiting Souq, your one stop shop for precious, semi precious, and artificial stones.