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apple iphone, as it has come to be known, is synonymous with luxury and quality. Since the launch of first generation iphone in 2007, the tech giant has revolutionized the world of mobile devices by producing phones that feature the perfect blend of bright, highly responsive touchscreen and cutting edge components. In 2008, after the grand success of the iphone, apple launched the the next generation iphone 3G in June 2008. Its improvements over its predecessor were that the phone incorporated the latest iphone OS 2.0 and featured upgraded features like Assisted GPS, 3G data, and tri band UMTS/HSDPA. The device was acclaimed by tech experts, and was followed in June 2009 by the retroactively re imagined iphone 3GS. This device featured a powerful 3.2MP camera, voice control, and support for 7.2 Mbit/s HSDPA downloading. The flawless amalgamation of revolutionary technologies, which not achieved by any other mobile maker at that time, garnered apple a brand loyalty that was unlike anything seen before. In June 2010, the company unveiled the iphone 4, then the thinnest smartphone in the world. It had a novel, unique design with uninsulated stainless steel frame that also functioned as an antenna, and an elegant aluminosilicate glass screen. The device created history of sorts, and people waited with bated breath for apple Inc.’s iphone 5. Launched in 2012 iphone 5 had a thinner and lighter aluminum based body, and a bigger screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. apple Inc’s flagship phones, the iphone 5C and iphone 5S are one the hottest selling mobiles today. These iphones were distinguished from other devices by their use of iphone apps. These apps can educate, entertain, and help you professionally. Since apple Inc.’s phones are perceived to be some of the best smartphones ever, it is quite an understatement that the consumers and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the launch of iphone 6.