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Apple iPhone 5S - 16GB, 4G LTE, Silver
Apple iPhone 5S - 16GB, 4G LTE, Silver
115.000 KWD 80.855 KWD
Apple iPhone 6 Plus With FaceTime - 16GB, 4G LTE, Gold
Apple iPhone 6 Plus With FaceTime - 16GB, 4G LTE, Gold
299.000 KWD 144.755 KWD
Apple iPhone 6 With FaceTime - 16GB, 4G LTE, Gold
Apple iPhone 6 With FaceTime - 16GB, 4G LTE, Gold
209.900 KWD 134.531 KWD
Nokia E75 - 50MB, WiFi, Black
Nokia E75 - 50MB, WiFi, Black
14.399 KWD

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Frankly speaking; today we basically live in a digital world, where everything is powered, organized and operated by high technology devices, we use them each and every single day in our life, we use them in work, we use them to socialize, we use them for entertainment, they have become an essential and important part of our lives, And due to the importance of owning a dependable smartphone to fully satisfy all your needs, you need to find the best brand that can provide you with the best options. While searching the market, there are many brands to choose from; and what a better choice than a brand that is considered as a truly global technology leader, that brand is no other than LG!

LG or Lucky Goldstar is a high-tech company started in 1947 in South Korea. The LG brand is well known for designing and producing some of the best smartphones in the market, the LG mobile phones are famous for the unique designs, the variety of colors and elegance. besides the cutting edge designs, LG mobile phones are known for being reliable, another strong feature is the LG camera ; the cameras in LG smartphones are remarkable, giving sharp pictures with high resolution, also it's a must to mention the processors and the operation system that give the phone the ability to work with no delays or lags. The sum is that the LG smartphones are truly one of a kind and while going through our huge collection on LG smartphones on Souq.com, you can find them with really exceptional deals.

And we here at Souq.com are proud to give you the opportunity to shop and purchase from this bigger than life brand from different kinds of products from smartphones like the newest LG g4, LG v10, LG g2, LG note 2, LG G3 and many more. You can find more products like TVs, Tablets, home appliances, smartwatches all that and more just one click away from you, so no need to spend more time, effort and money searching for what you want, you just simply browse our huge collection and pick your favorite from Souq.com